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Record-Keeping and Accounting Records

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Certified accountant and tax agent office

Since its incorporation, Revat provides tax consultancy services, financial and accounting consultancy, VAT return, record-keeping and accounting records, feasibility studies and accounting services that are of the highest level of accuracy.

Revat Financial & Tax Consultancy is a tax agency approved by the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE under No. TAN 30003156 and a tax agent Authorization under No. TAAN 20021077

Revat Teamwork comprises of a group of highly qualified experts in the fields of accounting, finance and tax consultancy.
We strive to provide the best services to our clients in a timely manner and at reasonable prices that suit the volume of work and the needs of the client.
Our clients include government entities and large, medium and small-sized companies.

Over the years, we have been able to reach a distinguished position and have gained our clients’ confidence from institutions and agents thanks to the comprehensive financial services we provide to our clients from various business sectors.



VAT calculation, accounting and accounting registration for VAT purposes, and VAT documentation services. Compliance with the requirements, registration and application of tax system.
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Tax Consultancy

How to recover VAT Submit tax returns and other supportive tax services. In Revat will help you setup value added tax ( VAT ) and make sure that your business remains VAT Compliance. Submit tax returns and other supportive tax services.
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Tax Agent

Revat Financial & Tax Consultancy is a tax agency approved by the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE under No. TAN 30003156 and tax agent authorization under No. TAAN 20021077.
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Administrative and Financial Consultancy

Prepare matters pertaining to planning budgets and predictability, business plans, costing system, warehouse organization and management, working capital management and cash flow control.
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Accounting is a very important process in any organization, and it is an integral part of financial data management systems. Our mission is to provide services that deliver significant value to your business and company, and doing the same to save you time, money and effort in the long term.
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Feasibility Study

The business plan and a feasibility study are key to the long-term success of new and start-up companies. At Revat, we provide analysis and feasibility study for new and start-up companies to maintain successful businesses and achieve significant growth
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Mortgage Broker

Revat is a mortgage broker approved by banks in the United Arab Emirates for obtaining funds, Whether it is for purchasing a property, refurbishing your house, or financing commercial projects
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Financing Broker

Revat is a broker approved with banks in the UAE Broker and Real Estate Finance Advisor Conduct the transactions between the client and the bank to finance the purchase of a property or to establish your own project.
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Why Revat ?

Why to deal with Revat Financial & Tax Consultancy?

Certified tax and financial advisor

Tax agency approved by the Federal Tax Authority under No. 20021077

Providing tax and financial services for various sectors

Our clients comprise government bodies and large, medium and small-sized companies, individuals and citizens.

Professional Teamwork

Revat Teamwork comprises a group of highly qualified experts who are professionally trained in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial and tax consultants.

We believe in our ability to provide services in a highest level of accuracy and always seek to provide the best in order to satisfy our clients and provide them with services that meet their aspirations and expectations.

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