Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE

We work in Revat for Tax Consulting to develop the best solutions related to value added tax (VAT) in UAE for our clients and to provide them with sound advice on all issues related to taxes. We take the right time to meet with our clients and review their situation, answer questions and provide necessary recommendations.

Revat can provide support and consultation to the following:

First, calculating the value added tax, accounting and accounting registration for value added tax purposes, as well as value added tax documentation services.

  • Calculate the refundable value added tax on purchases.

  • Prepare tax accounts.

  • Manage corporate accounting records.

  • Provide the accounting programs approved in calculating the value added tax.

  • Identify the correct tax rate for tax supplies.

  • Calculate the net tax due to the Federal Tax Authority(FTA).

  • Calculate the value added tax on imports from the applicable and non-applicable countries.

  • Calculate the value added tax on exports to the applicable and non-applicable countries.

  • Keep and maintain the correct documents regarding invoices, records, account, VAT returns, etc.

vat tax consultant in uae - Reevat
Second - Compliance with the requirements of the Value Added Tax Law, registration for value-added tax purposes and tax system application services
  • Ensure that the business activity complies with the requirements of VAT.

  • Register the company at the Federal Tax Authority.

  • Work to improve VAT through reviewing the company’s compliance practices (including reviewing VAT recovery opportunities and cash flow planning).

  • VAT structuring (consisting of reviewing of contracts, transactions and plans to improve the supply chain).

  • Planning and structuring so that the cash flow system is not affected.

  • Assess of taxation impact on business - mapping the existing systems and identifying key value added tax points.

  • Provide updates on all changes in tax regulations (such as value added tax penalties, which are announced by the Federal Tax Authority).

  • Review key documents, such as applicable contracts, VAT terms in existing and new contracts, and other associated documents.

  • Conduct the required professional and awareness trainings for the entire organization, so that all employees are aware and prepared for the effects of applying the value-added tax.

  • Provide consultancy on VAT which focus on a certain activity (e.g. retail / marketing, financial services, real estates).

  • Assist in the audit procedures carried out by the auditors of the Federal Tax Authority.

  • Provide consultancy, development, and assist in restructuring operations, the supply chain, and other related operations.

  • Provide consultations and support pertaining to the changes in information technology systems and it’s applications.

  • Procedures pertaining to how to avoid double taxation and address the collected and paid taxes within the organization’s accounting systems.

  • Submit tax returns to the Federal Tax Authority.

  • Prepare and review the companies’ periodic tax forms and returns to prepare for proper submission thereof to the competent authorities in the Federal Tax Authority.

  • Follow up on the objections related to tax returns before the Review Committee and the Tax Dispute Settlement Committees and their consequences.

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